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How MCA Lending Works

When you contact  Cash Advance and submit an MCA application, this is the process

our team goes through to determine your advance options.

Associates review your financials, including average monthly credit card receipts

Those receipts are used to calculate a maximum reasonable advance size to make available

Each month, the payment is a percentage of your receipts

When business booms, you repay your advance faster

How To Use a Merchant Cash Advance

There are optimum uses for any financing product. For the MCA, your best return on the

investment will come when you use it to get ready for a high demand period where you can sell

more than usual as long as you keep your business ready. Whether that means buying

inventory, adding staff,or even renovating your branding appeal to meet the needs of a changing neighborhood, the

MCA can help you do it. Contact us today to start an application.

Get Working Capital From Your Merchant Account

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your incoming credit receipts like the invoice assets they

are? Unfortunately, most of the time your payment hits the merchant account and goes to

your regular bank before you can finance them. That’s why the MCA exists. The merchant cash

advance gives you an option that lets you finance your merchant account as an asset with a

unique  method that fits it better than financing options aimed at other business structures.